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At Big Sky Engineering, we specialize in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and integration of industrial automation equipment and systems. Our turnkey automation solutions include all necessary system elements, including parts feeders.

The term “parts feeder system” refers to equipment that stores, sorts, orients, allocates, positions, and distributes the components necessary for industrial and commercial operations. As these units are generally employed in assembly lines to automate production, they are available with a wide range of customization options to ensure they fully meet the needs of the specific operation and facility in which they are used. One of the key design elements that can be customized is the bowl feeder mechanism.

The bowl feeder comes in several variations. Six of the most commonly employed are vibratory, centrifugal, linear, vibrating hopper, elevator, and pneumatic feeders, each of which offers unique characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. Given the large selection of bowl feeder options available, some industry professionals may find it challenging to select the right type for their facility. For this reason, we’ve outlined the primary properties, key advantages, and typical applications of the six mentioned above.

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