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Big Sky Engineering’s Cutting-Edge Medical Assembly Automation

Big Sky Engineering’s Cutting-Edge Medical Assembly Automation


Medical Assembly – Custom Automation

Big Sky Engineering’s custom-automated medical machines ensure precision, efficiency, and adherence to the highest quality standards. Our automation solutions cater to all volume-level production requirements while maintaining a clean and sterile manufacturing environment. From precision instrumentation, sterile packaging, medical package assembly, medical box cutting, medical cap, and closure machines, All of our automated assembly machines are built with specialized materials to prevent contamination and rusting. We are industry experts in creating specialized equipment for corrosive and radioactive environments.


Responding to the Worldwide Medical Industry Covid Crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, testing kits and various medical devices were in high demand. Big Sky Engineering remained nimble and flexible during the pandemic, quickly responding to industry demands to produce equipment for various specializations, including medical packaging assembly, capsule and fluid fill machines, specialized hydrogen and desiccant conveyance systems, medical capping, and medical box cutting machines.

Medical Product Assembly

Our scalable medical assembly machine feeds, orientates, and places components into a plastic thermoform while maintaining a rate of 80 assemblies per minute. The machine features an extensive product magazine, large integrated feeding bowls, and product labeling assemblies. One of the two machines was the fluid fill machine, which measured precise fluids and closed into a capsule assembly. 

Our largest Medical Packaging Assembly machine worked in a radioactive and corrosive environment. It utilized robot work cells and overhead three-axis gantrys to place a medical canister and specialized packaging into a sealed tote.

Industry Leading Medical Grade Supplementary Custom Turnkey Equipment

Big Sky Engineering produces industry-leading automatic medical-grade caps, closure capping machines, and our automatic and high-speed medical box-cutting machines. Our completely custom turnkey automation employs our advanced custom vision systems for dependable operation and minimal downtime. We are prepared to fulfill the most complex tasks in medical automation and continually invest in research in development. 


Medical Automation with Big Sky Engineering

Big Sky Engineering specializes in custom-built machines for various industries, including healthcare and surgical equipment. We develop custom automation equipment; customs do not need to insinuate that the cost will be higher than that of run-of-mill equipment. Our assembly solutions can be used to assemble everything from syringes and catheter components to COVID-19 test kits, disposable medical device assembly machines, and specialized closure and box-cutting machines. Big Sky can handle the execution, launch, and support of your automation project. 

At Big Sky, we understand the diverse healthcare needs and are ready to adapt. We can design and implement small-scale automation systems ideal for low production as well as large systems capable of handling complex, high-volume tasks. Check out our various resources on our case examples page, and send us a message to learn more about our vast automation offerings! 


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