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Adhesive Applicator

Adhesive Applicator


The purchasing customer expressed the desire to improve its product with a prominently autonomous machine. This presented an opportunity to automate an adhesive application process for various varieties of lace material. The former antiquated process was predominantly manual and required a high degree of physical tasks. From its inception, the machine was considered research and development. Applying specific adhesives to various size lace materials while curing using UV curing lamps had many anticipated challenges. The customer specifications required a tight working area and safety protocols to protect the machine operator and bystanders from all machine hazards. Big Sky was able to produce a machine with an output that far exceeded customer expectations.


The project requirements included the machine to be completely autonomous. At its core, the requirements of this project required complex part inspection with a packaging rate of 60’ Feet per minute. The Machine preparation & cleanup is not to surpass 30 minutes. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) must be programmed for multiple recipes. All machine guarding was required by NFPA 79 and OSHA standards. The machine was equipped with strategic service areas. The control system was UL-certified. All equipment met NEC standards as specified by the customer.

Final Station Summary:
Preheater Assembly- Pressure pots supply the adhesive applicators with glue material. Two pressure pots are used in the system. The pressure pots are located on each side of the machine table. Pressure relief valves ensure the safety of the machine operator and bystanders.
Lace In-Feed- The lace In-Feed utilizes a wire brush contact to keep the lace in the proper orientation while preventing snags.
In-Feed Dancer Pulleys- Dancer pulley mechanisms keep the lace taught before it enters the adhesive application station #1.
Driven Roller- Driven rollers make consistent contact with the lace to keep the lace material taught
Preheater Assembly- The preheater assemblies ensure the adhesive material is at the designed temperature prior to starting the machine.
Adhesive Applicator- The heater applicators feature touch series displays located above the working area of the machine table.
UV Lamp- The eight UV lamp units located on the machine table cure the adhesive material on each side of the lace. The UV lamps are adjustable through the machine’s HMI (Human Machine Interface).
Lace Out-Feed- Driven rollers make contact with the lace material to feed it into the completed material box located on the right side of the machine. Plexiglass guards protect the operator from nip roller pinch points.


  • Dual Adhesive Applicators
  • Eight UV Lamp Assembles
  • Dual Pre-heater Assembles.
  • The HMI (Human Machine Interface) features dual language display capabilities.
  • 60’ FPM (Feet Per Minute)
  • Stack Light Indicators and illuminated control buttons signal the machine operator of the machine’s current state.
  • The machine HMI uses customary pictures & buttons for control overrides. All machine sequences can be operated in manual mode on the HMI.
  • Keyence laser sensors detect the adhesive dot presence.

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 197” L x 38” W x 105” H

Power Requirements: 240VAC, 3 Phase, 60A

Pneumatic Requirements: 95 PSI – 2.0 SCFM