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Seal Assembly & Grease Applications

Seal Assembly & Grease Applications


The purchasing customer expressed the desire to expand into a new state-of-the-art production facility. This presented an opportunity to automate seal component assemblies, ensuring a more consistent outcome by accurately regulating variability and improving processes while generating cost savings. The former antiquated process was predominantly manual and required a high degree of physical tasks and close monitoring.


The project requirements included the machine to be completely autonomous aside from the operator loading the sleeve parts into the loading drawers. At its core, the requirements of this project required complex component assembly with numerous inspection stations and grease applications. Cycle times are not to exceed 60 seconds per completed part. Machine changeover not to surpass 10 minutes. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) must be programmed for multiple recipes. All machine guarding was required by NFPA 79 and OSHA standards. The machine was equipped with strategic service areas to prevent all hazard exposures. The control system was UL-certified. All equipment met NEC standards as specified by the customer. Throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, multiple provisions were requested by the customer, including additional grease applications and programming changes. Big Sky Engineering modified the existing design to meet the customers’ varying requirements. The machine was able to be completed in the required timeframe. In March 2020, the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting many business’s abilities to function. Big Sky Engineering, deemed an essential business, was able to remain nimble and flexible (through an integrated effort of remote design, build, and programming, combined with approved on-site safe business practices) to coordinate the manufacturing, and delivery of the assembly machine.


  • Fanuc LR Mate 200iD utilizes a rotating swivel head with a gripper tool to pick and place sleeve parts and
    from the loading drawer and throughout the machine table.
  • The Cognex monitors display passed and rejected vision inspection screenshots.
  • Greased & Ungreased parts are inspected and separated into chutes through the automated process. Full bin
    sensors indicate the operator to unload bins.
  • 360° Grease Inspection on Sleeve Parts
  • The HMI (Human Machine Interface) features dual language display capabilities.
  • 55 second Cycle time
  • Stack Light Indicators, in addition to Multi-Colored LED indicator lights, display the machine’s current state.
  • CompactLogix PLC controls package with Allen-Bradley 10” PanelView HMI
  • The machine HMI uses customary pictures & buttons for control overrides. All machine sequences can be
    operated in manual mode on the HMI.

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 72”L x 66”W x 114”H

Power Requirements: 480VAC, 3 Phase, 30A

Pneumatic Requirements: 80PSI – 30 SCFM