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Custom Manufacturing System & Machine Design

Custom Manufacturing System & Machine Design

Manufacturing System Design

In a manufacturing system, there are functional and non-functional requirements. Non-functional requirements describe how the system should behave and perform, such as its capacity or usability, while functional requirements define the system’s specific behaviors or functions, such as “print invoice”. Some of the typical functional requirements needed to make any manufacturing system work are:

  • Administration and business functions
  • Audit tracking
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Certification requirements
  • External interfaces
  • Historical data
  • Regulatory or legal requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Transaction adjustments and cancellations

At Big Sky Engineering, our expert team offers a variety of turnkey design and build services for custom systems tailored to your manufacturing needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Assembly
  • Build to print
  • Cabinet building
  • Electrical wiring
  • Engineering services (including CAD, electrical, hydraulics, mechanical, PLC programming, and pneumatics)
  • Panel fabrication
  • Pneumatic plumbing

As one of a handful of expert robotic integrators, we also offer custom robotic design and integration services for your existing assembly, manufacturing, and packaging system, allowing you to automate and increase the productivity of a wide variety of processing lines.

Custom Machinery Design

Customized equipment that is designed and built to the unique requirements of the facility provides a company with several advantages over their competition, including automated manufacturing processes, optimized production speed, reduced labor costs.

At Big Sky, we understand the advantages that customized equipment provides to companies and have honed our design and build abilities to provide the highest quality custom machines and systems to our customers. Depending on the amount of manual operator involvement required for your application, we can provide fully automated systems, which feed parts into and take them out of machines without any manual steps or human operators being involved, or semi-automated systems, which require the parts to the manually loaded and unloaded in the machines and operators to manually activate the process.

Some of the types of automation equipment we can provide you with include:

  • Continuous motion assembly machines
  • Conveyor systems
  • HMI programming
  • Laser measuring systems
  • Robotic assisted assemblies
  • Smart sensors
  • Vision checkers and inspection systems

Design & Build Services for Your Manufacturing Needs

Regardless of the nature and scope of your manufacturing system, we can design and build you a custom solution. We provide turnkey building services, such as:

  • Welding, fabricating, and machining equipment parts and components
  • Plating, anodizing, painting, and other secondary finishing processes
  • Complete mechanical assembly of the system
  • Installing the necessary plumbing for associated pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • Wiring the controls
  • Debugging, testing, and inspecting the finished machine
  • Skidding, crating, and shipping the equipment to your facility

After the initial consultation, our designers and engineers create designs that meet or exceed your project requirements and expectations. After receiving your approval on the final design, our manufacturing and quality control teams get to work to turn the design into a high quality finished product. Once finished, we ship the complete system to your facility for setup and installation.

Custom-built systems are used in a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Aviation (by aircraft part manufacturers)
  • Medical (by medical device makers)
  • Energy (by gas and oil companies)
  • Electronics (by electronic component manufacturers)

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The manufacturing industry is a significant (and continually growing) contributor to the economy of the United States. To compete in this cutthroat industry requires employing high quality equipment optimized to fulfill your facilities operations.

At Big Sky Engineering, we can design and build your business custom machines and systems tailored to your unique manufacturing application. To find out more about the design and build capabilities we offer and the benefits we can provide to your company, contact us, or request a quote today.