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Food Assembly Automation

Food Assembly Automation


The customer desired a machine that would combine two food cup products with an output of


The system will be capable of 100 parts per minute output.

Step 1: Product Infeed:
Cups enter the system on belted conveyors.

Step 2: Cup Assembly:
Actuators will side-shuttle a set of 8 cups perpendicular to be picked by a 2-axis pick-and-place mechanism.
This mechanism will use suction cups and guides to capture and locate the cups.

Step 3: Product Pack-Out:
The completed assemblies will be allowed to accumulate on another conveyor where thewill be picked for packaging. We will use a Fanuc LRMate robot with a custom vacuum end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) to pick an entire set of 8 cups and place them into the case.


Two Top cup infeed conveyors
Top cup escapements and cross-shuttle actuators
8-up transfer pick-and-place actuator
Bottom cup infeed conveyor
Custom feed screw for bottom cup location
PLC controls package and HMI

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 17’L x  5’W x 9’H

Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 1 Phase, 20A