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Robotic Sorting Work Cell

Robotic Sorting Work Cell


The purchasing customer expressed the desire to create a sorting machine that would scan, orientate, and place tube and canister components onto trays and outfeed conveyors autonomously. The machine requirements included the machine to process one incoming unit in under 7 seconds, in addition to the machine fitting in a small working envelope.


Final Station Summary:
Rack Dispensing- 7 columns make up the rack dispensing magazine. The current status of each column is displayed on the main screen of the HMI. Machine warnings and alarms will occur and will signal to the machine operator on low-level parts.
Tube Loading- Conveyors position the racks into the proper tube loading location. When the racks are full, the conveyors will activate, releasing the rack from the inside of the machine table.
Re-Orient Pick & Place- The pick and place station will receive information from the Cognex Camera image in section 1. When the tray is not in the proper orientation, it will be picked and rotated until the tubes face a downstream direction.
Tube Barcode Scan- The tubes are lifted and spun while the barcode readers activate. It also checks that the three tube barcodes’ patient IDs match, that there is are tube 1, 2, and 3, and that the tube barcode matches the WSC barcode captured in the orientation check station.
Robot Pick- Once all optical and barcode scans are completed, the LR-Mate robot correctly picks the tubes from the shuttle and places the tubes in the racks per the LIS instructions received above. The M10 Robot then picks the shuttle and WSC and places them onto the shuttle outfeed conveyor.
Shuttle Conveyor– The shuttle conveyor activates and positions the metal tray to the machine’s exterior.
Waste Conveyor- The waste conveyor holds the plastic container and positions it on the exterior of the machine.
Reject Queue- The error queue is the final section of the in-feed conveyor. Shuttles that require operator intervention accumulate in the three designated reject zones.
Rack Handling Section-Tubes are placed into the racks into the rack handling section. Upon completion of a full rack, the racks are positioned to the rack unloading section of the rack conveyor.


  • M-10 Robot
  • Fanuc LR Mate 200id
  • Rack Enclosure Safety Light Curtain
  • Shuttle Rotate & Orientate
  • Adjustable In-Feed/Out-Feed Shuttle Conveyors
  • Multi-Lane Rack Magazine
  • Shuttle Orientation Vision Systems & Product barcode scans.
  • The machine’s HMI uses customary pictures & buttons for control overrides. All machine sequences can be
    operated in manual mode on the HMI. Current cycle rates and station information are displayed on the main
    screen display.

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 11’L x 9’W x 8’H

Power Requirements: 480VAC, 3 Phase, 30A

Weight: 4158 lb