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Cleated Incline Trough Conveyor for Product Waste

Cleated Incline Trough Conveyor for Product Waste


The customer desired a incline cleated conveyor to handle 3000+ boxes per hour. The conveyor would need multiple run modes including normal and bypass mode.


The system will be capable of handling up to 3000 boxes per hour, and will have a bypass mode in case the baler is not functioning.

Normal Mode:
The conveyor will accept the boxes from a horizontal belted conveyor extending from the lab wall. The new incline conveyor will have cleats to assist with elevating the boxes, and side walls to prevent stacked boxes from falling out. The conveyor will be approximately 24” wide to allow bulk flow.

Bypass Mode:
If the baler is not accepting boxes, the conveyor will be able to switch to a bypass mode. The conveyor will pivot down to increase clearance between the handoff and reverse direction. The conveyor will run in reverse, and the boxes will instead flow downward to fall in the gap between the baler and the wall.


  • Incline cleated conveyor with side walls
  • Bypass mode functionality with manual pivot
  • Energy efficient features (idle mode, Standby Mode)
  • Allen Bradley PLC control package w/ color PanelView Plus HMI

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 16’L x  4’W x 12’H

Power Requirements: 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 20A