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Automatic Cleanroom Bottle Capping Machine- Chemical Industry

Automatic Cleanroom Bottle Capping Machine- Chemical Industry


The purchasing customer was seeking a bottle capping system that work work in a highly corrosive cleanroom environment with a machine output of 8+ Parts per minute. All materials are required to be constructed with non-corrosive materials. The machine handles 5 types of plastic closures. Bottle heights varied in height and width.


The Big Sky Bottle Capping System employs adjustable rails and escapements to control and locate the bottles properly. Adaptable guide rails keep the bottle on the centerline of the conveyor regardless of the bottle width. Adjustable pneumatic escapement will create a stop for the front bottle to be directly under the torquing mechanism. Pneumatic actuators immobilize the bottle to prevent it from spinning. Optical and ultrasonic sensors provide positioning feedback of escapements and material handling. Settable torque mechanisms allow for desired cap torquing.



  • Clean room compatible materials.
  • Bottle Gripping Actuators
  • Star Wheels to advanced bottles
  • Escapements to position bottle under torquing mechanisms
  • Safety Cage guarding operators and bystanders from machine hazards.
  • Comprehensive Document Package

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 3’L x 3’W x 7’H

Power Requirements: 208 VAC, 3 Phase, 30A