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The Evolution of Automatic Splicers

The Evolution of Automatic Splicers


Rolls of material are commonly used in manufacturing processes for the printing, packaging, and textile industries. When the material runs out, a new roll must be joined, or spliced, to the old one so production can continue.

Traditionally, splicing is a manual process that requires stopping the machine to add a new roll, resulting in unnecessary downtime. Automatic splicers address this issue by automating the splicing process. Once a roll runs out of material, the machine automatically joins the end of the expiring roll to the beginning edge of a new roll. This allows production to continue while the splice is taking place.

Big Sky Engineering’s automatic splicing systems represent a significant advancement in manufacturing technology, offering both precision and speed. Here, we’ll explore these machines, including their role in manufacturing, innovative features, and various benefits.

Introduction to Automatic Splicers and Their Role in Modern Manufacturing

Automatic splicing systems allow for continuous production in film-based packaging, printing, and textile operations by joining two rolls of material while the machine is running. Computerized sensors detect when the end of a roll is approaching. Then, a control system initiates the changeover to a new roll. The splicer assembly moves into position and adheres the leading edge of a new roll to the old roll just before it ends. The entire process is carefully timed to minimize the amount of leftover film that remains on the old roll.

The machine is also equipped with a special roller, or set of rollers, called an accumulator. The accumulator holds and tensions the exact length of material needed to maintain the feed of film during splicing, so there is no need to slow or stop the machine.

After the splice is complete, operators can remove the empty roll, replace it with a new roll for the next splice, and prep the splicing unit safely as production continues uninterrupted.

Innovative Features of an Automatic Splicing Machine

Big Sky Engineering’s state-of-the-art automatic splicing system incorporates several innovative features, including:

  • Advanced sensors to automatically detect the amount of material that remains on the roll
  • Automatic splice detection to ensure precise and timely splicing for reduced material waste and uninterrupted production flow
  • Computerized speed and directional controls
  • Motion controllers and sensors that perform a precisely aligned join of material
  • User-friendly and intuitive interfaces that make it easy for operators to run equipment with confidence
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for long-term, high-speed production
  • Ergonomic design for safe and easy roll removal and replacement after the splice

Benefits of Automatic Splicers Across Industries

Automatic splicers can be adapted to meet the needs of many manufacturing environments and a range of film or web sizes. Within the packaging industry, these splicers ensure continuous operation, which is critical for maintaining quality and meeting demands for high-volume production.

These systems can also be used in specialized environments like cleanrooms or pharmaceutical and food processing facilities. Automated operation results in less manual contact with film, helping to meet stringent standards for quality and hygiene.

An investment in automated splicing technology comes with these benefits:

  • Greatly reduced downtime and faster completion of production runs
  • Streamlined operations and the ability to scale production
  • Improved operator safety
  • Precise timing of splices to minimize film waste
  • Computerized splicing controls that adapt operations to different size products and material types
  • Integration into your existing manufacturing and packaging line equipment

Transform Your Production Line with Big Sky Engineering’s Advanced Automatic Splicing Solutions

Elevate your production line with advanced automatic splicing solutions from Big Sky Engineering. Our experienced team can help you achieve improved operational efficiency throughout your facility with automation equipment and integrated systems for assembly, packaging, robotic work cells, and more.

Visit us today to learn how our automated splicing solutions can revolutionize your production line.

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