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Fastest Closure Lining Machine in the World

Fastest Closure Lining Machine in the World


Unveiling the Fastest Closure Lining Machine in The World!

At Big Sky Engineering, accuracy meets speed in our latest innovation, the fastest closure lining machine worldwide. We were formerly known as CapTech Automation. Big Sky Lining has incorporated top talent, research, and development to produce the new and improved cutting-edge cap 5-11 lining machine. 


Why Clockwork Vs. Rotary Lining Applications

Clockwork offers several advantages over rotary-style lining applications. One key advantage is the simplicity of changeover procedures. At Big Sky Lining, we’ve made this process even easier with our color-coded component changeovers. Designed to be user-friendly, they are suitable for all experience levels, providing reassurance about the ease of operation of our machine. 

Clockwork tooling allows for more closure recipe types on the same tooling. Multiple machines are not required. Our machines are designed with the highest industry quality standards. Limited required maintenance tasks ensure minimal downtime and customer convenience. If a failure occurs, our service team will be here to help! 

2024 Industry Parts Per Minute Output

A typical rotary machine output in 2024 is only 1200 closures/caps per minute. Big Sky Cap 5-11 Lining machine output is 2000ppm and up to 6000 parts per minute on a sizeable scaleable machine.


Patented Clockwork Punch and Die Precision

At the heart of our machine lies our patented clockwork features, which are not only adaptable but also versatile, capable of handling all part types. We also specialize in customized paddle-style clockwork, further enhancing the machine’s adaptability. Our punch and die sets, made of the highest-quality materials, have consistently outperformed our competition in side-by-side comparisons, demonstrating the machine’s versatility and ability to meet your specific needs.


Beyond the Fastest Closure Lining Machine

At Big Sky Engineering, innovation continues beyond speed. In addition to our fastest closure lining machine, we offer optional equipment, prefeeding, stacking, and various pack-out options. We quickly adapt and integrate into your current setup. A cost comparison of the quality machine output will quickly reveal Big Sky Lining is the ideal choice for today’s closure lining companies. We work with the top us suppliers. Visit our product lining selector module to find the proper fit lining machine for your application.


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