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The Art of Stacking Caps

The Art of Stacking Caps


Stacking caps as efficiently and precisely as possible is essential to streamlining numerous packaging, manufacturing, and logistics processes. Cap stacking technologies date back to the beginnings of industrial automation, as companies sought ways to increase quality and efficiency in operations by improving upon manual processes. With automated cap stacking solutions, manufacturers can simultaneously optimize throughput and economy of space, all while reducing costs, manual labor, and product handling mistakes.

The Role of Orientors in Cap Stacking

An orientor is necessary to maintain proper cap alignment in cap stacking systems. Particularly useful for high-speed applications, orientors deliver enhanced dependability, consistency, and efficiency in stacking and packaging operations. Integrating an orientor into a cap stacker from Big Sky Engineering, Inc. and CapTech Automation, LLC will help streamline your process while enhancing alignment accuracy.

Advantages of Big Sky Engineering and CapTech Automation Solutions

Big Sky Engineering and our CapTech Automation brand serve a variety of industries through custom cap assembly and automation solutions. Our semi- and fully automated equipment can boost output as well as operational and cost efficiency in the following markets:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences
  • Robotics
  • Technology and software
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Hardware manufacturing
  • Material handling
  • Packaging

With decades of experience and a multi-industry background, our team can help develop automated machinery to handle diverse applications.

For cap stacking, we offer an array of equipment options at the forefront of emerging technologies. Using a gantry-style 3-axis pick and place robot, Big Sky Engineering’s Hybrid Cap Stacker achieves autonomous cap stacking rates of more than 450 per minute. Further enhancing productivity, our high-speed Mega Cap Stacker is adaptable to a range of closure sizes and can exceed 600 caps per minute.

We can also produce custom equipment to fulfill unique requirements. Big Sky Engineering utilizes proprietary designs for our high-speed closure orientors and automation systems. We strive to offer turnkey automated equipment solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current machinery and technology.

For maximum efficiency and scalability, CapTech Automation produces closure orientation, packing, and stacking systems capable of stacking as many as 1,500 caps each minute. As this equipment can handle caps of various diameters and designs, the exact rate will depend on packing configurations, closure sizes, and other important variables based on specific production requirements.

Our industry-leading orientor designs ensure our industrial clients receive the most efficient and versatile means of stacking caps for a variety of products. By choosing our advanced automated cap stacking solutions, your company can achieve higher output and ROI along with permanent efficiency gains.

Innovate Your Cap Stacking Process With Our Expert Solutions

Modern manufacturing and industrial operations can remain competitive by adopting automated cap stacking technology and boosting efficiency. Big Sky Engineering and CapTech Automation continue to hone the art of stacking caps to meet customer demand for greater productivity, speed, accuracy, and versatility. With automated cap stacking, companies across numerous industries can enhance their manufacturing and logistics capabilities.

Together, Big Sky Engineering and CapTech Automation continue to drive advancements in automated manufacturing, parts handling, and packaging operations. Contact us to learn more about our approach to stacking caps through automated industrial equipment solutions and innovative orientor designs.

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