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Applications for Pick and Place Robots

Applications for Pick and Place Robots


Pick and place robots manufactured by Big Sky Engineering

Pick and place robots move objects between locations to fulfill manufacturing tasks. They are some of the most common robots in automated assembly and ensure continuous productivity in repetitive tasks. Automating your pick and place processes in an assembly line can boost productivity and relieve workers of stressful and repetitive tasks in favor of more fulfilling work.

Capabilities of Pick and Place Robots

Some pick and place robots rely on guiding and tooling for part locations, while others identify objects using advanced vision systems. They are programmed to grasp the correct object and move it to a specific place in the assembly process. The robots are mounted for increased stability and positioned within reach of a working area. They can also implement specialized tooling for packaging, assembly, and bin picking. Robots ensure high productivity, regardless of the repetitiveness of a task.

Pick and place robots are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Assembly. A pick and place automation system can pick, join, fix, insert, or place parts and components together for assembly purposes.
  • Packaging. The robots can grab parts, place them in a packing container, load products, and stack products on a pallet.
  • Bin Picking. The robots can identify and select specific parts from a bin of mixed items and bring them to a designated location, placing the part in a given orientation.
  • Inspection. Pick and place robots can use advanced vision systems to monitor an assembly line for accuracy. They can remove parts with defects before they reach the next step in the production line.

Pick and place robots are used throughout the above mentioned applications and others due to their many desirable benefits. Not only do they offer increased productivity, but they also provide advantages such as:

  • Speed
  • Consistency
  • Easily programmable so they can be used for multiple applications
  • Typically small and lightweight

Pick and Place Robot Types and Considerations

Pick and place robots come in a variety of types, such as:

Robotic Arms 

Robotic arms are a common type of pick and place robot that can pick up a single object or a group of objects. A 5-axis robotic arm moves on a single plane, picking and placing objects for standard applications. A 6-axis robotic arm can twist and reorient while placing an object at its destination, making it more ideal for complex applications.


Cartesian robots work on multiple planes, moving in the X, Y, and Z orthogonal axes. It uses Cartesian coordinates and has improved positioning accuracy over 6-axis robotic arms. It is ideal for long narrow working envelopes and 2-axis movement.


A Delta robot typically has three arms that operate on four axes. They are ideal for picking items in groups and placing them in containers or specific assembly patterns using advanced vision systems that allow them to distinguish between various colors, shapes, and sizes. These systems are extremely fast but have limited reach and payload.

Fast Pick 

Fast pick robots completely automate the picking process. They are ideal for quickly picking and placing top-off items, such as batteries, promotional items, or other additions.


These robots collaborate with human workers, leading them to pick locations and guiding them through various tasks. They eliminate the need for safety guarding and help workers optimize efficiency despite having slower speeds than other robot options.

When determining the best pick and place robot for your needs, make sure you consider the following:

  • Configuration
  • Payload
  • Speed
  • Repeatability
  • Reach
  • Number of axes

Pick and Place Automation Equipment From Big Sky

Pick and place robots can reduce stress on workers by completing repetitive tasks and improve productivity in various manufacturing applications. Depending on your facility’s specific needs, pick and place robots come in various types and can perform operations such as assembly, inspection, bin picking, and packaging.

Big Sky Engineering, Inc. has delivered automation solutions to the packaging industry since 1998. We rely on our skilled engineers, responsive project management, and in-house capabilities to deliver client-centered services. Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our robotic packaging solutions today.

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