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Spin Bar Stacker

Spin Bar Stacker

Spin Bar Stacker

Stacker features

  • 300+ Parts Per Minute
  • In-Feed Case Staging Zones
  • Case Locating
  • High-Flow Vacuum Pickhead
  • Multiple Axis Gantry System
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Bag Hold-Downs
  • Box Tilt Loading Zone For  Undisturbed Log Placement

Stacker Turnkey Integration

  • Cap Feeders
  • Cap Sorters
  • Vision systems
  • Pack Out Systems
  • Pallet Magazine
  • Lining Machines

Stacker Advantage

  • Exclusive State of the Art Electronic Components
  • Heavy Duty Steel Constructed Frame
  • Heavy Duty Interlocked Access Doors
  • Advanced & Comprehensive Operator Control Systems.
  • Robust Interchangeable Pickheads For Variable Cap Sizes
  • Servo Controlled Gantry Systems
  • Made in the USA

Cap Stacking Spinbar System

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Captech Advantage


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