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Pail Assembly Machine

Pail Assembly Machine


The purchasing customer desired to assemble pails at a rate of 2+ Pails Per Minute. The machine’s requirements include being completely autonomous aside from adding trowel parts and Dessicant to the machine magazines.


Infeed- Powered drive rollers position the pail into the various stations.
Foil Place- The End of the arm tool picks and places foil to seal the top of the adhesive.
Trowel Place- The machine’s coin change mechanism activates and releases one trowel into the bucket centering onto the foil.
Desiccant Place- The desiccant chopper will separate one desiccant pack and place it on top of the foil/Trowel part.
Outfeed- The pails travel to the exterior of the machine on the powered roller conveyors.


  • Fanuc SR-6ia Robot
  • Dual Offload Conveyor Transfer Stations.
  • Allen-Bradley Human Machine Interface
  • Multiple Plexi Viewing Windows
  • Powered Roller In-feed & Out-feed Conveyors

Machine Dimensions: 12’L x 5.5’W x 7’H

Power Requirements: 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 30 Amp

Pneumatic Requirements: 10.0 SCFM

Machine Rate: 3 PPM